Monday, April 14, 2014


Who doesn't want this babe? Oh My God, I've been craving for it for a long time. As a new comer in fashion blogging's world, I need a make up kit for sure. 
But what I have here? I just have an eyeliner and a pink lipstick. No more makeup. I'm a pale fashion blogger ever! Ewwh! 
Actually I can't do make up well, but I told you that I'm a fast learner. I could coloring my face as well as a makeup artist *Okay, I'm just kidding here* So, I want this since naked launch their product, but it's too expensive for me :( 

So, that's why my heart beats faster when one of my fave Indonesian fashion blogger Cindy Karmoko's offer Naked 3 as her birthday giveaway. You can check it here HGM Birthday Giveaway
She always makes a cool giveaway, her gifts are always mesmerizing. Make me always joined every giveaway she made. Million times I joined her cool giveaways, but I got any of them. Null. Pity!
But I really hope I could get this one little darling.
Naked 3 would be perfect for coloring my face, complete my outfit everyday, and my blog for sure. I want to be as big as her, be a fashion blogger and a fashion designer too. What a dream!

Happy birthday for a talented fashion blogger Cindy Karmoko

Wish you a blessing birthday. Bright future as bright as your fierce hair! 


  1. omg! i want naked pallete, i will check it out!
    sure we can follow each other, following you dear. how if we do it on instagram too? :)
    mine @brendaalu

  2. neutral color is always beautiful :D


  3. Good luck!