Monday, November 25, 2013

outfit of the day #1

Hi guys! Sorry, I'm kinda off of the blogging activities. But, this Monday --when I have class in Institute Francais Indonesie (IFI), Bandung-- I decide to capture my outfit to fill my "dusty" blog. I wore comfortable, simple, casual thing to stay comfort in. 

Today, I met Berry --my friend, he's the ancient member of Lions Clubs, because of him I could went to France this summer, thanks mate!-- we talk much about our experience in France, make me miss that country, my friends and my new families but feels like I know them in a long time ago (Hi Margaret! vous devez lire mon blog :D Vous me manquez beaucoup!). Hope that someday I could go back there to continue my master majoring in fashion design. *pssstt that's my big dream :) Hope the fortune leads me back to France.

I'm glad too to know many of my friends would like to join Lions Clubs next year in France. Bonne chance, mes amis. Vous trouverons un bon souvenir. Je te promis ;)

I wore lee cooper's jeans, unbranded denim-shirt, unbranded outwear with hole on my outwear :p and Dr.Martens's shoes