Thursday, February 20, 2014

no more holiday no more

The holiday is over.. I can say "FINALLY!!" Because I did nothing during the holiday which means 1 whole month in a boredom . Sleep-Eat-Watch TV. Just it. But sometimes, my friends and cousins picked me up to hanging out. But it happens rarely :( Because, you know, there's so much disaster came up lately to my country, such as flood and mountain's eruption, especially the flood, because it happened in my region, and my house is one of the victim. The other reason I didn't enjoy my long holiday is the "broken promises". Before holiday, I swear to myself to did a progress in my life such as diet and do my thesis. But I broke it all. I did the exercise (zumba) twice a day and diet before, I did that just in the first week. Appreciable! I got 2 kg fat loss in a week, but then my cousin came up and treat me with the food. I can't refuse, because she came from Bangka--far away from my house--, which means I have to treat her back well, I didn't want to upset her up (excuse excuse excuse :P) FYI, my first data for thesis is a french roman, and I doesn't finish to read it yet.  So, 1 month full without any useful activity.

So I have to thank god that holiday is over, that I can gather again with friends in my neverland (Jatinangor, town where I study) I just excited to meet them up! 

My friend invited me to be a radio's announcer. I didn't really want to, but I joined the audition just for did something after did nothing. And one of the requirement to be a radio announcer is doing outfit of the day's photo.. And here I am with my #OOTD 

Hat - Forever 21
Crop tee : Unbranded
Stocking : unbranded
shorts : Levi's
Shoes: CacheCache

It was quite a hectic day when we applied the job vacancy. We had to took the selfie and OOTD's photos, made a sample voice, made a creative CV, printed it out and went to Bandung to gave them all to the radio's office. Maybe it wouldn't be that hectic if we didn't do it in a last minute and we could took a bath quickly without any arguing. Because the boys (and me) love arguing to choose the "victim" the first guy to take a bath. Shoooo, it was such a retard, hectic day, I would say a POOP DAY!! 

pardon my poopsie face :p

Here the poop guys! HATE AND LOVE, I don't know how to describe them.. Full of shit, but I love them too much