Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jardin Du Luxembourg

Here I am with a little piece from Paris. So here the story began, I went to France in the last summer (2013) for 40 days and for (almost) free haha! What a lucky girl I am! It can be free because I joined Lions Clubs. All the expenses are free (eat, sleep, visit, etc) except the plane's ticket only. If you are young, you have to have a such experience like me, I guarantee you, it would be your unforgettable moment! They would guide you to the touristic, historic and famous places and explain that place to you like a guide but for free, we gather with people around the world, exchange the culture, have fun, have a party, have tasty meals and gain the knowledge for sure. Now, I have a new family, a new sister, brother, mother and father, they just lovely and I miss them right now. And the best thing I got from this club is I love my country more than before because I just consider how rich Indonesia much more than another country, I mean I know it before but, I understand that quote more and much more when I gathered with people around the world, you'll see and you'll be so proud of it :)
However, Lions clubs just rawwkk!! they gave us much, too much. A month in France for free? oh my god, I was in a great phase in life. Thanks Lions Club, especially to my centre, CIFC!! the best centre in lions club woohoo

And these photos are taken in Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris before we went to Bretagne (near England). Actually, I used my free time to taken all of these photos, when we have our lunch at this park, okay you can call it picnic. French people loves to do picnic and hang out in park, and I love it too!! Eat your lunch outdoor in the lovely weather? Who doesn't love it? And thanks god we had picnic much :p

Top & Green trousers - Thrift store , Bag - @Post_shop (instagram) , Shoes - Fairy Berry

Bissous de Paris,
Kenavo :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Classy Sassy

Yuhuuu! first posting at 2014 --although these photos were taken at the end of 2013-- I called this one classy sassy because I stole this beautiful blazer from my mom. It was so sassy to stole my mom's thing, but I love my stolen goods here. Hihihi.. But sorry for the bad lighting at my photos. It has different tone because I took these photos at night and in the different place (Loubelle <indoor> and Bamboo Dimsum <outdoor>, Bandung) that's why my photos not in the same tone. But, I know, that I'm week at my photo's quality, but I told you before, I'll make it better because I learn and I learn. And umm, I think I made a progression from where I start, pssstt! it was a disaster before :p

So what's up with your new year eve celebration? Mine was incredible, spent time with friends --as always--, did some barbecue and cooked some meal but this time was different. Counted down for 2014 at hospital because there was an accident happened to my friend when we cooked. The stove was blowing up like there was a conflagration in the house. It was horrible but anti-mainstream, we had the stove blew up all around the house for our fire works -- okay, stop joking, pardon. My friends and me said that we have to stop joking because it can leads to a disaster, like this one -- But we have to say thanks to god that my friend is alright. She just got her foot and hand burned, but not the serious one, it just like skin eruption, but the funniest thing is her hair. It curl immediately, you know, it just like a movie when a scientist fail and BOOM! all his hair stand.-- Ok, another joke. Sthapp! Sthaapp it! stop joking around-- But we could have our new year eve's dinner together at house. We had the blast and the cheerfulness together.
So guys, I wanna say


Welcome, 2014! be a nice year, let we actualize our dream and our resolution
Good bye 2013, you've been a nice year for me :)

bonne année 2014

 Mes meilleurs vœux.  Belle et heureuse année 2014  Bissous :*
Chin chin