Saturday, September 14, 2013


Play around with the clothes is kind of  the most fun activity in the world. Moreover, if there's a prize waiting for ya :D I'm super excited mixing and matching my clothes with a pair of amazing shoes from Chiel Store I love this shoes so much, because it has a really rare and unique pattern beside it really is comfortable. And I want more shoes from this local brand shoes, so that's why I did a photo session with my beloved best friend, Selina Fahriani

SEE? It Gorgeous!

I have 2 looks here. First... I'm wearing a latex legging from Pimkie Paris

Pimkie - t-shirt, thrifted shop - vest,  H&Moutwear,Pimkie - latex legging, H&M - skirt Chiel - shoes

And the second look.... (I'm just wearing a different pants though LOL)

Do you like my pants? I made it by myself by the way :p I always love to destroy my clothes especially when I'm not wearing it anymore, like this one. This was just a plain white pants -so bored huh!- so, I added some "painting" on it, et voilà! I just have a new pair of an attractive pants.

So which look do you prefer guys?