Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Colette and Lola

I need refreshing for this hectic week due to dress and shirt project assignment that I have to presented at my oral presentation tomorrow. So, I went to Colette & Lola with my friend on Tuesday. I've passed Colette before, and I'm falling in love with their interior and I wish that I could hang out here someday.
Because of my dorm is in South Jakarta, I decided to go here. *I won't go here when I stay in my house where is in farfaraway's country, I won't go anywhere actually* 
I dreamed to have a boutique like this someday. Playful, cheerful, colorful!! that's what I love  

Macaroon macaroon everywhere.. Unfortunately, I'm not a macaroon enthusiast, even when I was in France, I hadn't any appetite to try la duree *the famous macaroon

Bananina is a cake formed like a minion that I chose and Ochi prefer green tea cake which I forgot the name formed like Mike monster inc. Aaaaa supa cuteee! and delicious as well.. But I prefer the green tea cake. They don't really sweet, so I can eat it million times 

 It was so crowd since it was a holiday. I have to wait for 30 minutes to have a seat :( 
Seems everybody love Colette and Lola, their interior and also the delicious cake :9 Because everybody took photos like I did :p
I want that Lego cake as my birthday cake pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Lemme introduce you to my Tuesdate.. Ochi!
Pardon my face

Okay, time to do my assignments.. Sewing sewing sewing.. CIAO!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Dummy Dumby

Thanks god it's Friday! So, I can write something on my blog. Because in weekdays, as you know..  I'm a 'lil bit busy dizzy in Esmod Jakarta. And now, I'm home! But, unfortunately this Friday no one pick me up, so I must facing the traffic jam of Jakarta all alone and catch up the bus. *okay sorry for the grievance
This is my current fave tote bag :p Get lucky! such a nice word to encourage me and people who see it *hope so* I prefer the nice shout out than the bad one. I bought it in WATCHOURWORDS by the way.. And sorry I often wore the stripes look lately :p 

Ehemm, can I show up a little bit about my late project?
can I?
can I?
can I?
pleaseeee... *wink wink 

yeay thank you :D
Voilà! My box pleats skirt *big grin* 
Actually it's far away from the perfectness but... this is my very first thing I made so I overwhelmed with excitement! And now, we're making a top project.. It's much harder than before, the pattern is quite difficult but we can handle it anyway