Thursday, August 29, 2013

graduation ceremony

Hello, fellas! Yesterday, my friends and I attended my senior's graduation. And...

apparently, that also happened to be the graduation day for the next probable presidential candidate of Indonesia. I think every youngster in Indonesia could judge his competence from each of his tweets and speeches (which are always controversial and some people thought it's totally stupid. At least I do). 

So please dear Mr. candidate, control and think twice, maybe 100 times before speak or tweet. You've got PhD or doctoral title and we hope you could be smarter

And here we are! France literature UNPAD in every generation :) We hope the best for our beloved seniors. It's sad actually :') but, fly away.. go get a bright future! 

Let me introduce you to one of my best friends - DIANTINA RACHMAWATI . Miss Forever Ridiculous, but I love her to death!

When every girls wants a cute photo with a beautiful smile and perfect angle, we were just like...

me.. me.. me.. ME!!

I wore  a black shirt from Cotton On, tweed skirt, custom shoes from Fairy Berry and unbranded black tights

Look up my vintage glasses and sling bag! ❤  

We karaoke'd after the graduation ceremony. We had a ball indeed!!
these photos taken by Irfan Kusuma
and the holly grammar corrected by my Indian friend Ritika Ramasuri
thanks a lot for you two :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

go back home


Finally, I went back to Jatinangor! a small town where I go study and I love so much. I met up with my crazy friends, slept at our new basecamp, look up their crazy video when I'm not there for 40 days. EXCITED! without them, I lost myself, I mean, I can't going nuts without them, 40 days in France is good, but better if I went with them. Then, we decided to going karaoke at 10 PM, whenever my friends from around the world going to the party *I don't really like party* I have my own party with my beloved crazy friends. Ehm, I use so many "crazy" word because I really mean it. I'll show you some photos or videos of them showing their craziness, you'll know!

And here we go, my OOTD thing, when I went to NAV my favorite place for karaoke ever! *oh okay i love all karaoke place! I wore an outfit simple and comfortable, as comfortable as around my friends and doing karaoke :p

aww, I know I'm a kinda cute, beautiful, attractive (narcissistic) girl

Hey! stop that mind!! I know you think this is a bad, even the worst editing ever, should I told you a million time that I'm a newcommer??? I promise you, I'll learn how to make a good photos with a good editing. PROMISE

I wore t-shirt from zara, skater skirt, H&M leopard shoes, neon sling bag from a market in La Baule and a jelly orange ring by H&M *my friend told is like his savon -_-*

Saturday, August 10, 2013


The end of June until 6 august is my fave periode. I went to FRANCE!!!!!!!! my dream my dream my dream all of my dream is THERE! 40 days in France was an unforgettable momment. Knowing the culture furthermore, visited the historical, iconic, famous place there, practice my french until I find a difficulty to write my blog in english right know *really is difficult!!!! even I forgot the word "famous" I have to search in google translate from french to english. Okay is difficult, so sorry if you find many of fault in this writing. And here we go my style in front of the iconic thing of French, Eiffel! J'adore la tour Eiffel

 I'm not use any filter on these pictures because I'm a GAPTEK person, c'est-a-dire im not good in technology. In these pictures, I wore unbranded jeans-shirt, H&M Paris's Skirt, Bershka's Tight, Cache Cache neon shoes, Swatch watch, and Post shop (online shop) bag

J'adore PARIS!!
see you later next year, I hope I could join the fashion design's school there

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