Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Boring audition

Been so lazy to write my blog up lately. So that's why, these photos are a little bit "expired". I think they were taken about 3-4 week ago, when I accompany my friend have an audition for being a new radio's announcer in a radio based in Bandung. Sorry readers ..

I applied for this job too before with Yurico and Edo, but me and Yurico weren't called to take a further audition's steps, it means, we weren't accepted. Pity us haha. But, Edo make it!! So happy and we decided to accompany him in his audition's day.
So, here we were, waiting waiting waiting from 10AM until 6PM. However, Edo is the most tired guy that day (or maybe me?) Because I jumped here and there, yelled, sang many song, had some photo session, played basketball, disturbed my friends and attired all the people's attention by what I was did. When all my friends lose their "batteries" I still have a bunch of batteries on my body. I was too attractive when I have to wait, when I got bored, so that's why I did it hehe. Even, Edo wanted to quit the audition which had 6 steps and he has just one more step to go, but we keep encourage him to make it until it done.
Another reason, that's Edo wanted to quit in the last minute is there was so many contestant has a relation with the radio's employee but Edo. It's kinda cheating, no? Most of the contestant said "I'm the friends of X or Y or Z etc". And I saw that they weren't professional, in timing and in attitude. Imagine, there was a judge asked my friend if he has make in love before, if he's smoke, if he went to club. The questions were fu*king stupid, they just want to show that they were "nowadays guys". Sorry, but I just wanna say, the radio is not cool at all. 

Voila, borrow Yurico's vest hihihi

This is the guy, Yurico!

Hat - Forever 21
Shirt - Flea Market
Skater skirt - Online shop (I forgot where :p )
watch - Swatch
Shoes - Topshop

With these boys, I played basketball during waiting the big boss having his audition.

SELINA!! she's my photographer,! She can direct the way I pose and shot me up greatly. "Fanny, don't put your legs like that it awful! put it like this!" "Fan, hold your breath to get a flat stomach" "Fan, bla bla bla.." Yap, she's a perfect photographer for me, remembering that I'm not good enough for take a pose, and she know me best. Thanks a lot my best :)