Wednesday, December 9, 2015


So Hello readers! It's so hard to finding a right job, sigh! so that's why I started my own business in accessory and clothing line. But the accessory work so well. So, I'll tell you about it. 
Did you ever hear about POMPOM EARRINGS? Yap! one of the statement accessory people seek for lately. But you know, I've started my pompom earrings since it's not booming yet. *and it's kinda heart breaking when people copy with what you do. But, the best compliment someone could give is to COPY you anyway.. So I keep my faith on! *rawwwkkk*

Green Wooly Pompom <3
Made all of these earrings by myself it's kinda tiring but so much FUN! works with colors is the best job I've ever had.
My most loyal customer, kak Iymel.. Nyaww love her style always!

If you're not enough confident wearing those big pompom, just trying our tiny pompom, it'll give you the same "statement" as our big pompom. You could came visit and shop some in our instagram: @glanzacs see ya!

By the way, talking about shopping, do you know HARBOLNAS ZALORA? Harbolnas means Hari Belanja Online Nasional. And one of the best fashion ecommerce, ZALORA held Harbolnas also in 12 December 2015. So keep your money to buy their products on that day because you can find the biggest fashion discount!
For further information just visit their website on:

SALE and DISCOUNT just two best words in the world! So, come and shop in Harbolnas Zalora
Can't wait for that day!! I'll spend my money for many things!! yay!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Hala readers! Moshi moshi! Bonjour! Miss me? LOL!
Maybe you might be confuse what am I doing right now? since I always disappear in blog's world. Actually, I'm jobless, sounds pathetic? nah.. not really, because I have a plan as a businesswoman --Aamiin-- so I'm preparing my new project --psst it's a children wear line-- besides, I'm busy at making my paper also as I really want to continue my study at the higher level. Ya you know, education is the strongest weapon in life nowadays, I just want to have that powerful weapon to struggle in life *oh please, no drama sentence*. Master in business. How do ya think? 
It would be great no if I don't seek for an opportunity but create it? I hope you think as mine too. Let's do business! be an entrepreneur! :D
Because job vacancies are too limited for the numerous job seekers. Plus! they pay you too little than we deserve, so I decided to be not a "slave" but a boss! what's your choice?

Dress : thrift store
Shoes : NIKE
Watch : Swatch

Ehem! she's my partner at doing the new project. Just wish us luck!

If you saw my blog, I frequently wear a turquoise watch from swatch, my favorite watch all the time. I often found myself confuse which watch I have to wear in a formal occasion, because "unfortunately", I love the eye-shocking color. That's why I always pick the colorful watches. LALALA! now I got the problem! I don't have any neutral color watch for my "neutral" outfit. I guess I need a new one which can match in any occasion, whether is formal or non-formal. And I guess I found it on ZALORA !

Voila! I'm falling in love headlong when I saw Alba watches in Zalora site. I think I can wear it in any occasion to add more elegance in my style. But, I haven't decided yet, can you please choose an Alba watch for me in ZALORA site? Because I already write it on my top-wish-list! *I beg your pardon, sir, madam, if you open their site and you can't resist to not purchase them :p

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Oopsie! Find some spider webs here in my blog. Hehe.. Sorry, readers I don't do blog lately, but really I still have my phone to capture the interesting moment to tell it on blog but just no time. Cliche. LOL. This time I wanna show you a good place to eat. Have you heard about a new Mexican restaurant in Tebet, called Taco Cantina? I found this little restaurant accidentally, when I and a friend of mine were terribly hungry, and confused to decide the place for having our lunch,  and tadaaa.. god just like show the way LOL.  I went here in Christmas last year, so the decoration was full with the flags of "FELIZ NAVIDAD" or merry Christmas in Spanish. And yes, you caught me that I've postpone this post really really long time, literally almost 2 months. I know it's been a long time, kinda an expired post. Sorry, because I just having my time to blogging right now. But still, it's a nice place, so I still want to post it. Ok, chop chop! Let's take a tour!

Even it just a little restaurant, this restaurant absolutely got so much attention of mine with its color and uniqueness. Who don't? So, we just parked the car outside the restaurant and went inside.

And inside was more incredible! I couldn't stop capturing every spot of it until we forgot to order some foods.

Voila! le menu.. I ordered Quesadillas. It was nice, even the size is not big enough (for the hungry me) because I'm a monster plus I'm a hungry monster--FYI, I didn't eat my breakfast that morning-- and a little pieces of quesadillas weren't satisfy my tummy, but just my mouth. But sorry, I don't have any photos of quesadillas because we were just totally hungry and immediately ate them up.

I just have a photo of taco ice cream. Totally love it!! Must try!

Let me introduce you to Dara. My-eat-partner-the-trouble-maker-but-still-love-her-to-death

Hasta Pronto! Ciao Bella!