Thursday, April 9, 2015


Hala readers! Moshi moshi! Bonjour! Miss me? LOL!
Maybe you might be confuse what am I doing right now? since I always disappear in blog's world. Actually, I'm jobless, sounds pathetic? nah.. not really, because I have a plan as a businesswoman --Aamiin-- so I'm preparing my new project --psst it's a children wear line-- besides, I'm busy at making my paper also as I really want to continue my study at the higher level. Ya you know, education is the strongest weapon in life nowadays, I just want to have that powerful weapon to struggle in life *oh please, no drama sentence*. Master in business. How do ya think? 
It would be great no if I don't seek for an opportunity but create it? I hope you think as mine too. Let's do business! be an entrepreneur! :D
Because job vacancies are too limited for the numerous job seekers. Plus! they pay you too little than we deserve, so I decided to be not a "slave" but a boss! what's your choice?

Dress : thrift store
Shoes : NIKE
Watch : Swatch

Ehem! she's my partner at doing the new project. Just wish us luck!

If you saw my blog, I frequently wear a turquoise watch from swatch, my favorite watch all the time. I often found myself confuse which watch I have to wear in a formal occasion, because "unfortunately", I love the eye-shocking color. That's why I always pick the colorful watches. LALALA! now I got the problem! I don't have any neutral color watch for my "neutral" outfit. I guess I need a new one which can match in any occasion, whether is formal or non-formal. And I guess I found it on ZALORA !

Voila! I'm falling in love headlong when I saw Alba watches in Zalora site. I think I can wear it in any occasion to add more elegance in my style. But, I haven't decided yet, can you please choose an Alba watch for me in ZALORA site? Because I already write it on my top-wish-list! *I beg your pardon, sir, madam, if you open their site and you can't resist to not purchase them :p

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