Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Goes to DREAM

Hiatus for about two weeks (should it called hiatus?) because a current yet full of excitement in esmod. I have pattern design class at 1 PM from Monday to Friday , but it's like I have a class in a whole day. Quite tiring but still exciting. Actually, it's a little bit difficult. You know, counting, cutting, playing with rules...
At the first day, 21th April 2014, I went to esmod at 7 am and arrived at 10 am, damn Jakarta! it has terribly traffic jam. Then I had class at 1 PM until 4 PM and I arrived at home at 9 PM. So, I studied for 3 hours only and I wasted my time (almost 8 hours) on the way. After that I had to make my homework until 1 AM. HOSH! I will die in the end of the course.
Then, Momma let me to rent a dorm near esmod with my cousin who is student in ESMOD. I share a room with her. Thanks god, I don't have to against the traffic jam, pollution, and the hot Jakarta.
But actually living in here is quite expensive. Okay, maybe I live in a village for a long time --FYI, my campus, UNPAD located in Jatinangor, Sumedang-- where everything is cheap. Moreover, esmod  "steal* all my money *cry*. Even I don't have to pay the admission fee due to a scholarship for Ria Miranda

Ohh, ignore my gripe, please.. But, all the lesson in class given by my teacher Miss Gia is useful and quick. Miss Gia makes us "run". So we have something much after the course. And esmod has a great great greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat library. I love it shooo muchoo! I visit it before class started. It has just three book shelf, but it contains with brilliants books. All about fashion for sure.

 Do some selfies photos is not a sin though :p Selfie photo is a current trend since hollywood actors and actress did it in Oscar.Hmm, but I think everybody did self-centered photo like this since they have their first phone with camera or a camera. I don't know why it's called a new trend meanwhile we did it since a long time ago.. Sometimes is okay to be selfish! We need me time, no?


  1. good luck for your study in fashion!
    must be really fun.


  2. Lovely outfit.

  3. Super cute look!

  4. Great shoes dear :D


  5. very creative blog. I enjoy your photos!!