Saturday, April 5, 2014

ESMOD's euphoria

I've listed Friday, 4th April 2014 as one of my best day. Well, I just got back from campus that day (which held in 07:30 until 09:10) too early for study, no? Moreover, I just slept for 3 hours. Due to slept less, I decided to get some sleep again after class. When my eyes were about to close, my phone rang. And it was from Jakarta, I wonder if it was from..

Lady : "Hello, is this Fanny speaking?"
Me    : "Yup"
Lady  : "we're from Ria Miranda, calling you to inform that you're the one of the lucky girl who receive the free short course in ESMOD"

--OMG, my heart was skip a beat. My sleepiness vanish in a second--

Me : "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT??? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Oh god, I was extremely excited hear that great news.

And then, the lady explain about the program, and my chance to have an internship in their clothing line but I was overwhelm with excitement and didn't hear her explanation carefully. I ended up the phone by yelling-out-loud and made the lady giggling.
My friends around me were exciting too, but they tried to avoid me because I kept yell and hit on them because I was over excited.

Study fashion is my big dream! BIG BIG DREAM!!!!!! *sorry I have to give a point here, because this is an important thing for me* that's the reason why I made this blog too, because my friends gave me an advice if I want to apply a fashion school in France, I should have some relation into fashion as a point plus to be accepted at their campus . For example, I made my own clothing line or have a fashion blog. And I decided make something simpler, I did fashion blogging by then. Yes!  I dream about study fashion design in French, why French? because I want to explore my french's  ability there, that'll make all I've studied before worth it (FYI, Now Imma french literature student in UNPAD), the second reason: it's a fabulous country where fashion is one of their landmark, the last reason;  it's a country where people have their freedom to express themself (I mean in fashion thing) and the air and the garden are tempting me to have my lunch, read a book even study something there
 But, fashion design school is not that cheap, even less I want to study in Europe --which means I need more money for my living cost, that cost 10 times more expensive than here in Indonesia. Maybe I can't afford it, but I keep driving myself crazy by keep dreaming of it. I just want to focus on what I'm dreaming of, maybe I'm an idiotic irrational, but who care and who know my future :)

I joined a competition to win a free short course in ESMOD by Riamiranda by an information of my junior in campus. I have to sent an essay titled “How Fashion Can Change Your Life and Your Circles”, a CV, and some sketches which would make you have more point, and a coupon in Ria Miranda's book called Passhion.

And god is showing his/her/it's pomp lately--sorry, there's no gender on my god--. Two days before the announcement, I cried and tell god all my misery, and after that, Allah wipe my tears replacing with the great opportunity like this. Allah just caress me gently. 
Maybe you think that I'm too much, but, It's what I felt right now. God is too good. 
Hat - Forever 21
Top & Long skirt - Unbranded
Kimono's outer - H&M
Hologram's bag - @leecop (online shop at instagram)
Hologram's shoes - Fairy Berry

This is my little piece. Actually it isn't the design I sent to Riamiranda. Unfortunately, I didn't capture any of them, But this is one of my design, I know it an amateur's design, but I promise I'll trying my best to make it better and better.

once again, thank you very much for giving me such a big opportunity, Riamiranda! Can't wait for my class in ESMOD Jakarta in 21 April 2014! Woohoo! I can't even expect myself to study in the one of the best fashion institution's in the world! 

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” 

Keep dreaming, dreamers even in a hard condition. Just have your faith on!


  1. Congratulations to your new project!!! Kisses from Italy,

  2. I love the color background :D


  3. Coucou Petite Fanny, BRAVOOOOOOOO, je serai une de tes clientes fidèles.... Il faut continuer dans la voie de tes rêves. Il faut persévérer et tu verras que tu vas réussir. Il faut croire en toi , et tu seras récompensée. Nous serons très fiers de t'avoir comme styliste ( et une des meilleures) en France.
    Margaret et Pierrot

    1. Salut, chers parents..
      Hahaha merci, Vous devriez mes clientes pour toujours !!
      Je vous ai envoye un message sur email, mais je n'ai pas recu aucun reponds. Je l'attends.

      gross bisous

  4. Your kimono is amazing!

  5. great look! love that silver shoes!

  6. great look ! i adore those shoes <3

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    Little Miss Olen.

  7. OMG are you kidding me? Shortcourse for free? You are the luckiest! Oh iya, aku ambil pattern drafting ;) Good luck ya!

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  10. Congrats on getting accepted <3

    Really appreciate it if you could visit my blog.
    Let me know if you've followed me! My GFC is at the bottom of my page.
    I follow everyone back.
    Do give me some time to get back to you. :)

    Sandy |

  11. Love this pictures!!
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  12. nice blog! wanna follow each other dear? :)

  13. Congratulations! Anyway, cool outfit! <3

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