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Papandayan's Trip


Sorry that I'm being hiatus lately. I decided hiatus since I was busy with my thesis thing. But actually, I finished my thesis just for a month -can you see my seriousness in making it, so I couldn't do many thing for a whole month but stayed in front of my laptop?- and Alhamdulilah I achieved a great result at my thesis. Satisfied hihihi..
After I graduated in August I flew away to Bali, being a guide for French and English tourist, especially french. Many people said that I was crazy, took a job in a city where I have nobody but myself, but I just love to challenge myself to something new, something I never done before. Live in Bali for a month is enough for me, because yes it was hard! I love whenever I worked with those tourists, I love the beach, I love the culture, but life was so much hard there, but I survived for 30 days! it was just a glimpse of life, I enjoyed every time that I was scare of the errands dogs in the street, the gossip girls in my place, the ghosts, but I didn't enjoy when the boys tease me! So many of them, I couldn't resist. So scared. So, I had to go home and had an internship in Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 as a fashion content translator. I know I'm not good at English, since I didn't use it for 5 years, even hear nor speak English, because I studied French only. But once again, I love a challenge! 

For now, I want to write about my -not a very first- hiking's experience. I went to Papandayan's Mountain in Garut, November 24-25 2014. For your information, I hate doing an exhausting activity such as sport and hiking for sure! I'm slower than a turtle and get tired easily than others, so imagine when I did hiking, trouble yes! hahahaha. But I decided to hiking because I want to be gather together again with them. My forever love. Some of us already leave Jatinangor -our university's location- I was always together with them, I really mean the word of "always" here! almost every second in Jatinangor, I spent with them, started from close my eyes until open it. It really hard to live separated from them, so much hurting me. So that's why I'll do anything even a thing that I hate to be with them even for a second. They are too precious. I've found a friend of life, thanks god!

Let's started the adventure with a selfie in pickup! Okay I want to tell you how scary our trip was. First we departed from Jatinangor to Garut by an "angkot" (public transportation) at 4 AM. First bad thing we found that the driver turn on the music very loudly, really loud until we couldn't hear our own voice, until we couldn't hear music on our earphone, whereas we need to take a rest before hiking because we didn't have an enough sleep before because the hiking preparation. We need the tranquility! hey! but, okay let's make peace, we tried to sleep. But... a worst thing happened, our car almost turned upside down! a friend of mine almost thrown from the "angkot", our hearts skipped a beat. --okay mine not really, I was really sleepy and didn't see that crazy moment haha like always-- We was almost die because that stupid driver who we knew at last that he drunk when he drove. Did I mention a limited place for us in that angkot because the biggy biggy bag we had?
We switch the transportation with this pickup to reach the starting point. We couldn't reach it by the stupid angkot because.. it just the rule of the people there. So here we were at the pickups and smile :)

 Took a photo before started to hiking. It was a weird weather, it was drizzle and then fog appeared for about 15 minutes but sun shined brightly just after. Okay, it was weird, what a quick alteration!

 We decided to hiking in the raining season. Actually I was bit scared of the cold, I can't resist it because I had a sinus, I'm really sensitive at cold, I scared of hypothermia. But once more, because of friends.. they are my first, main and only reason :') 

The mountain began with the rocky road, and then sulfur crater. It made me hard to breathing when we walked along the crater, so I had to dampen my buff (buff is something to avoid the cold, it can be use as a scarf to cover your mouth and nose and you can use it also as a headband, it very useful whenever you go hiking, you can see me and my friends use it in our head or neck in the next photo) The moist buff will help to breath easily in the sulfur crater, check!

It looks like we enjoy hiking so much. Ohhh it just an act by the way to get a good photo *oops I expose the lie* Because I was dying when we got here. Until my friend, Yurico had to pulled me up with a kind of rope hahaha. Yurico is a very good friend of mine who is really multitalented! He could be a make up artist, a stylist *a feminine activity* but also a masculine activity like sport, and hiking. And he is really good at both! And that day he was a man, helped me a lot to do this sh*t. Can I said "a lot" a million time here? because he really was. Thanks ikooo!
It's Yurico! I think I have to attached his photo with me, because he just like a hero that day. Captured this photo in front of the edelweiss's field next to our camp, I want to take a picture but he destroyed it. But it's kinda a cute photo no?
These were our tents, 10 people in these small tents? No of course, we have another big tent in front of these tent, the big tent was for the boys, the medium tent with blue, yellow and red shades for the girls, and the little one was just for the boss LOL. The boss here is our friend from another faculty in the same university, he is really strong and really experienced in hiking and also he can communicate with the "ghosts". He was the most useful guy in our team haha. Imagine, he brought two big carriers (hike big bag) and ran! He arrived at our "nest" before we did, he made the tents and also an emergency kitchen, but we? just an ordinary weak people, can be faster than him even our loads were not heavy as him hehe. And also, he could evict the ghost surrounded us, because we made so much noise and said some inappropriate words haha, sorry.. habits! So, you have to go with an expert if you want to do hiking. It really helpful for the beginners.  

It was a quite windy, gloomy, coldy day in our camp. It was so hard to cook, because the wind blew up the fire. We couldn't get a well-done rice! Even Selina and Dian cooked it for 3 hours, but the rice wasn't enough cooked even the outside is over cooked, but inside its crude. Until I and Diantina made a song because of the uncooked rice by the song of Kera Sakti, you can see the video on my instagram @fannyuniar. The stomachs scrambled hey! so we consumed the instant noodle instead for two days. We was trauma of instant noodle after. No noodle after hike, even me, I don't eat it until now, see the overwhelming-trauma here? 
The cooking team. Selina *the girl in red shirt* always be the head chief in every event, and Diantina *the girl besides Selina* always be the sous-chef. And me? the entertainer as always LOL!


Since I'm a fashion blogger.. so yeah.. OOTD :p

Thanks Papandayan Mountain, it was nice.. but I don't want repeat it hehe

You'll see who is your true friend when hiking. Go and find it :)

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