Sunday, October 20, 2013

Video project

Dear, readers

In the name of Boring, we make a new project. It's a parody of a Video Clip! Where we do lips sync of an old song. Actually, we don't have any purpose  to do it, we just wanna have fun and have a laugh. So, this new clip inspired by my best friend, Selina --who is the most miss old school a.k.a lawas-- We decided to covering a clip by Siti Nurhaliza, a Malaysian singer in 90's era. So, here the live report behind the scene of that video.

 they are the backing vocals, the retards girls~

Introduce you to Beyonce's twin sister from different mom, different father, different world HASRA TRINANDA. If you visit my campus and hear a weird annoying noise voice, it must be her. Doh, she's the most uproar girl in the world with a super weird behavior, believe me not?
just check this video by my friend, Irfan about her

and.. We have a video together too (unfortunately)

I just suggest you to avoid her whenever you see her, especially avoid her eyes, because whenever she saw you, you'll turn out to be a stone (she's Medusa grand daughter :p ) *just kidding hihihi

And she's my another soul. DIANTINA RACHMAWATI!
Yea, you could judge her by her cover.. beauty, beauty, beauty :)
And her voice is heaven but she's too shy to show it off in public, Hope she'll find a confidentiality one day,hope she'll be brave facing the world (Okay, I'm just too much) she has a lovely heart too by the way, so much help me whenever I need. She always there *yea of course, we always have a sleepover almost every day
BUT! so damn annoying. She can be so damn clumsy too, like one day when she was having a presentation (a big day for us) she washed her contact lens with her hair conditioner. Doh, stupidity no?

And for this man.. umm.. girl? yeah, whatever.. You could decide what is he/she by this photo. Haha, no just kidding, (s)he is a macho man with big muscle on her/his chest.
He was my boyfriend in this video (just in this video, because we don't know his/her gender until now, just let say that he's a man) Beside as a main character, he was a bubble blower too, what he did on that day just blew and blew and blew until his body swollen.

The best crew! (from left to the right) FIRMAN DANY NIRAWAN (as cameraman), SELINA FAHRIANI (as director), IRFAN KUSUMA (as cameraman and editor)

This polite boy, not much act as a dumb as me and the others, (let's praise to god!) Helps us creating our video as cameraman, he make a great video before this project, you can see in here. He loves photography so that's way he made some great video.

 This girl found the idea for making this clip. Actually, she's the real old school girl (cewek lawas) She knows many old singer, old song until the how the old singers sing. Yap! almost like our parents maybe grand parents. And.. she's the most wise girl at campus. I adore her mind lead us and lead herself solve our problem, I love the way she sees a case, Thanks god that, she's one my friend
God gives him talent and bright brain. He's one of most clever student in my class, but he always help us (the retards students) at study generously. Not every smart ass guy have this good attitude, huh? And, he loves to making dumb video (of me and my friend of course) too. If you want to see his ''masterpiece'', you could visit his youtube. Don't blame me if you die because of laugh too much

So, people, as I decided to be a fashion blogger,  I have to post my own style. So here I am wearing 90's clothes. Yap, not really good 90's style but... (I don't know what to say) 

The happy team

The clip is not ready yet but I have a teaser for you 

And Irfan made a joke video of me, Shit! he always picturing me in a shame and produce it into a video. So, this is the little present :p

it just a JOKE!! keyh? 

So, guys just wait our video :)

Your sincerely,



  1. nice post and thankyou for your comment:)

  2. Hahaha, would love to see the real video. You guys are sooo creative ;)

  3. hahaha, I ever did the same project for high school task, but my song was by Nia Daniaty.

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