Sunday, May 5, 2013

Softy day

Hey people out there whom love fashion as love as I am! Imma newbie here, tryin' to build up my fashion blog :D Actually, I'm a lazy girl who don't want always post the #ootd thingy. But, I have to make this one to make my dream come true. It's a one of the requirement —okay, not really a requirement, but it can help me— if I apply for a master of fashion designer someday *big dream huh*
Okay here they are my awkward photo of showing of my outfit. I told you Imma newbie, so I beg your pardon *English accent* if my photos are irritating you :p But no worries, I'll fix it.. fix the gesture maybe.. and the fatty fatty boom boom body

Woops there's a cutie boy want to be captured too :3
Shirt and trousers : Hammer, bag and shoes: misyelle, dog: mine, Glass: Riots Barbie

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  1. Merci de ton passage sur mon blog :)

    Tu habites ou ?